Planning for Your Peace of Mind

At Vora Financial Group, our goal is to plan for your peace of mind in retirement with a strategy tailor-made to address your unique goals and needs.

There is no one-size-fits-all financial plan ready-made for everyone. We establish long-term, ongoing relationships in order to know your personal situation by heart. We devote time and attention to you to understand your circumstances through and through. Nothing can replace this deeper relationship in order to serve you better and bring you to the ideal life in retirement you have always dreamt of and imagined.

Our goal is for you to have the peace of mind to retire comfortably and enjoy the financial freedom to pursue your life’s passions and spend time on what matters most to you.

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Our Brand Story

I am a familiar and trusted face.
I am one of you — local, homegrown, deeply rooted.
I am your helpful neighbor; the friend you can rely on.

I am VORA.

I was founded on the principles …
Of being there for you when you need me …
To look after your welfare in good times or in bad …
To watch over your and your loved ones’ best interests …
Of taking action and living up to what I say …
Of being open, honest and transparent …
Of being someone you can always count on.

I am for a better community.
I am for real human connections.
I am for serving others and making the world a better place.
I am for living more and embracing the best life has to offer.

I am VORA.

Our Planning Process

At Vora Financial Group, we uphold our core values of Vigilance, Openness, Reliability and Altruism (VORA). Since our founding in 1991, we have worked to develop client relationships built on trust, shared values and mutual respect.

This is how we customize retirement solutions to suit your specific goals and needs:

Phase I: Discovery

We begin by getting to know you and understanding how you envision your ideal retirement. Only by getting to know what you really want from life can we help build a plan that fits you.

Phase II: Analysis

We then examine your current situation to find out your total financial picture, how much risk is appropriate and how much time you have till retirement.

Phase III: Creating Your Retirement Plan

Based on your personal situation, we develop a holistic, goals-based Retirement Plan aimed at attaining your financial goals while adapting to life changes and milestones. This Retirement Roadmap charts your course with greater confidence and clarity in your financial future.

Phase IV: Implementation

Through constant communication with your advisors and our highly skilled team, we manage the execution of your plan with you. We guide you every step of the way to see your plan to its fruition.

Phase V: Reviews and Updates

From the time we put your plan in motion, we regularly monitor, review and update it to stay true to your objectives while making the necessary adjustments to life events and shifts in retirement objectives.

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