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Our Five Areas of Focus

Planning for your Peace of Mind means building a solid, holistic and comprehensive retirement plan that encompasses every aspect of your financial life.


Income Strategies

We work to ensure that you will have a sufficient and steady stream of income in retirement to last you your lifetime, including:
• Maximizing your Social Security benefits
• Analyzing your monthly expenses and sources of income
• Ensuring your income is inflation-proof
• Establishing a plan for your spouse or life partner
• Protecting your hard-earned retirement assets


Investment Planning

With your income established, we will then create an investment plan for your assets that are not used to cover monthly expenses, including:
• Understanding your risk tolerance
• Establishing an asset allocation plan
• Eliminating unnecessary fees
• Protecting your principal
• Controlling volatility


Tax Management

We will walk you through the numerous tax planning strategies that can minimize your taxes in a legal and ethical manner, including:
• Assessing how much of your current holdings are taxable
• Including tax-deferred and tax-free strategies in your plan
• Reducing your tax burden by considering your tax category for income withdrawals
• Leveraging your qualified money to pass on tax-free money to your beneficiaries

Health Care Program

The costs of health care are rising and will form part of your life, both in pre-retirement and post-retirement. We will create a health care plan to address these, including:
• Understanding Medicare Parts A, B & D
• Knowing your options with Medicare Supplement or Medigap
• Reviewing options for a long-term health care plan

Estate Planning

We will help you plan for the inevitable to ensure that your hard-earned assets go to your loved ones and charities in the most efficient manner, including:
• Getting the most out of your estate
• Considering income tax planning opportunities
• Protecting assets in trust and ensuring probate-free distribution to your beneficiaries
• Preventing your IRA and qualified accounts from becoming fully taxable to your beneficiaries upon your death


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