Get to know Peyton Bauman


Peyton Bauman

Client Service Specialist

Peyton is the epitome of the people person.  All throughout his sales and service-driven career, he has wowed clients with unforgettable customer service experiences.  No wonder he fit right into his role, making critical first impressions with clients and staying true to the corporate brand promise for a complete, cohesive brand experience that aligns with the firm’s purpose.


He is stellar at going above and beyond for client service.  Understanding that this is the cornerstone of the business, Peyton leverages it as an opportunity to delight clients every day and engage them in new, unexpected ways.  His ability to stay genuine is a result of hard work and a hands-on approach honed in his past stints in management, sales, service, and business consultancy.


A true team player, he likewise can be counted on for doubling up on duties and multitasking, contributing to a powerfully positive workplace culture.


Peyton is immensely proud to be a true son of Flagstaff, Arizona, through and through.  As a homegrown local, he knows its people all so well and their unique psyche and idiosyncrasies.  Born and raised, he has lived and breathed the city’s magical springtime, snowstorms, wind, and pollen in the air.