Get to know Xavier Burrell


Xavier Burrell


Xavier is the poster boy for the financially-savvy Millennial generation. Growing up in this age group has actually shaped a cautious but disruptive approach to personal finance for this Gen Y’er. Like most Millennials, he is poised to rule the world one day but Xavier intends to have a decent retirement fund to look forward to. While some people his age might be backpacking and drinking kale smoothies, Xavier already has his own set of investments and contributes to a retirement plan while working on finishing his Business degree at NAU and acquiring the licenses necessary to become a Financial Advisor.

With his professionalism and unique sense of style, Xavier greets you with an air of comfort that gives you a sense of security. He prides himself on his knowledge and ability to explain financial literature in a simple and concise manner, much like how he had explained business concepts to a group of grade school kids successfully.

Since he was young, Xavier has been learning about all things financial – from his constant reading of books from famous investors like John C. Bogle and Daymond John, to his hands-on experience working with a Fortune 500 investment company. Without doubt, he has a deep-rooted passion for financial literacy and brings forth his knowledge to every financial conversation.

When his head is out of financial books and markets, he spends his time enjoying nature, as he recently completed his first day hike across Humphrey’s peak. He also enjoys film and writes and directs his own short films. He also competes in Major League Gaming (MLG) for various independent tournaments.