Get to know Zachary Waldon


Zachary Waldon

Client Service Specialist

Zachary is the antithesis of the entitled, instant-gratification-seeking, job-hopping Millennial. With high aspirations for his professional and personal life, he is not your typical Gen Y’er who behaves in the spoilt way stereotypers might suggest.

With his hands full finishing a bachelor’s degree in Finance at Northern Arizona University while keeping a full-time job at the firm, studying to obtain his Series 65 License, and eventually becoming a Certified Financial Planner, Zach has his sights set on ruling the world one day.

His is a cautious but disruptive approach to finance – hardworking, money-conscious and taking new approaches to retirement plans and investments. Meticulous and efficient, he is no regular numbers guy. He tackles his financial role in the firm with a forensic eye, a high level of numeracy and analytical ability from his early multi-industry business and customer service roles. He now brings his methodical approach and business acumen to the financial industry while building trust with clients and putting their needs first.

Zachary is now rooted in Flagstaff, AZ, where he proves he’s got the brawn to go with the brain for his athletic pursuits in skiing, snowboarding, golfing, and playing basketball. He misses surfing the tides of California, though, where he was born and raised.